about doms.art

DOMENICA MARLAND IS A YOUNG ART DEALER BASED IN WILTSHIRE. alongside STUDYING history of art SHE HAS WORKED AT VARIOUS ART FAIRS, GALLERIES IN VENICE AND LONDON AND WORKED ON INDEPENDENT EXHIBITIONS. HER INTEREST LIES WITHIN ALL periods OF ART FROM ANTIQUITY TO CONTEMPORARY.  after studying both the contemporary and renaissance, she has acquired a wide knowledge in different areas to pursue a career in collecting and curation. SHE COLLECTS HER PIECES FROM VARIOUS PLACES AROUND Europe SOURCING UNIQUE PIECES. HER EYE IS ECLECTIC WITH AN AIM TO INSPIRE COLLECTIONS and homes THAT ARE unusual AND DIVERSE. for doms.art, buying affordable yet tasteful works of art is important to bring spaces to life. Domenica is a nominee for Young entrepreneur of the year award for wiltshire life. 


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