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Evoking a sense of joy, humour and nostalgia is central in Alice's work. She does this through playful use of colour, shape and form; aiming to tell a story in every piece she makes.


The relationship between different materials and the translation of two to three dimensions is an integral part of her practice: the evolution of a drawing transforming into life to become something real is key. Therefore she places much interest on the transition from something liminal to physical.

Alice is often intrigued by our relationships with objects and the versatility of coexisting materials in a ‘domestic collage’. Objects are the props of our existence in the theatrical interior scenes we inhabit. While exploring the material landscape of the domestic and how the roles of the functional and the sculptural play within this. She intends to create work that this dichotomey  by abstracting the familiar and functional and turning it into something sculptural. Alice lives and works in London.


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