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Beatrice’s recent paintings use a dynamic touch and an articulate drafting language to explore the representation of natural forms. Interlinking with her childhood experiences of colour and history surrounded by the sublime wilds of the Lake District, she takes cues from art history as well as finding connections within contemporary pop culture and lived experience. These references support her examination and presentation of small parts of natural forms in monumental size using oils.
It is important to her that the focus of energy continually shifts so as never to still a viewers’ eye and though her painting is naturally muted with a palette of tonally close colour the works have a musical intensity and vibrant sense of colour.
Drawing and making works on paper is vital to her practise and Beatrice travels widely making multiple small studies, closely observed from life, which she uses to make the large-scale paintings back in her studio. She works as much from memory as from the studies and, in playing with scale, the focus of importance gives way from direct figurative representation to a flattened abstraction with aesthetic choices relating to composition, texture and gestural use of colour taking on the primary importance. Music is a significant part of her work, interlinking with the studies to spark memories, rhythms and emotions.
Beatrice Hasell-McCosh (born 1990, UK) graduated from Leeds University (2014), Leith School of Art (2015) and The Royal Drawing School (2016). She has been included in group shows in London and around the UK and her work is held in private collections in the USA, UK and Europe. Her second solo show will be held in London in 2020.

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