Ruby Bateman is a London based visual artist working in an expanded print practice. She uses painting, drawing, film and ceramics to discuss the maternal. In her drawings and paintings, Ruby explores her maternal ambivalence with a richly colourful and symbolic visual language, often (re)depicting her sculptural and film work. With super 8 film and photography, Ruby choreographs (dis)connections and gestures between her body and sculptures, reflective of her complex personal and political relationship with ‘the mother’.

Ruby graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2020 with a print masters, and was awarded a first BA (Hons) degree in fine art printmaking at The University of Brighton in 2017. She has exhibited in shows across the UK and online and worked with social-political arts causes such as Birth Rites CollectionBig Arts Herstory Project (BHAPS) and Energy Garden. Ruby was shortlisted for the Birth Rites Collection New Works 2020 and HIGH Prize 2020 and runs a successful drawing business, programming events for both creative and corporate institutions, including Peckham Craft Show, Blue Shop Cottage Gallery, The University of Brighton and WeWork.

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