Through embroidery, Francesca Colussi transforms found images adding new perspectives, stories and interpretations. Combining the classic with the unexpected, she stitches her stories and new perspectives on to the image while retaining the essential romanticism that attracted her in the first place.


Exploring the intersections of what is considered art, design and craft through a medium that has traditionally been perceived as feminine, she engages in a dialogue between past and present. In her work, the tactile quality of the process coincides with its meditative aspect; threads and needles act as pencils and brushes layering textures and adding a three dimensional perspective.


The embroidered image draws upon the artist’s background in textiles and women’s history, as well as her love of books, literature, colour palettes and geometrical patterns. Her interventions add a contemporary twist on the vintage image thanks to the juxtaposition of colour and feeling - of the postcard or photo.