Working from a mixture of imagination, memory, personal photographic sources and film stills Joe Bucklow produces paintings reminiscent of theatrical and cinematic scenes, rather than the topography that usually falls into the genre of landscape.
Through painting, photography and collage these semi-imagined stage settings are
recorded and transmitted to the viewer in an attempt offer a glimpse into worlds that are at once familiar and unknown. The scenes evoke a faded recollection, but also the unease and dynamism of the unexplored and foreign. Providing enough visual information for an
acquisition of bearings but opportunity for uncertainty and questioning.

Bucklow utilises an illustrative command of line and draughtsmanship alongside expressive and gestural brushwork to construct these spaces, often imbued with the suggestion of narrative or allegory. It is in this environment that the mind can dwell and hear itself echo. Intensely private moments can be experienced within a vast space and perhaps bring some order and coherence to the snatches of what originates as an archive of harvested visual information. They distil and prolong indefinite moments of recollection as though providing a memory with the colour and patina it gains throughout a lifetime. His work dwells upon the forgotten and mundane elements of our surroundings whilst elevating the sense of solitude and the peace found in seclusion. The images tend to be brooding, half-seen poetic visions blurring the lines between nostalgia and history, theatre and reality.

Joe Bucklow (Born 1986, UK) graduated from City & Guilds of London Art School with an MA in Fine Art in 2019. Prior to this he studied History at BA at the University of Glasgow.