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Lydia Merret.jpg

Lydia Merrett's paintings explore female eroticism, physical sensitivity and the human body as well as animals like horses. She uses organic forms that act as motifs for our physical fragility and limitations. her work creates a visceral window into her experience as a young woman and her ongoing engagement with feminist theory and literature.

Often her work has a quiet, meditative atmosphere and is heavily influenced by mental health, sensuality and tactility. Lydia is interested in the poetics of feeling and her recent works vibrate with a sense of disconnection while also being deeply linked to the physical body through the act of making.

Lydia is invested in painting and all its forms through a painterly perspective. the physical act of being in the moment of making a painting is something she feels  deep connection to and this emotion is embodied into the work itself.

Lydia is currently living between the south of france and east london, where she is working and painting before beginning her mfa at slade school of art in 2021.

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