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Pollyanna Johnson Ceramics was founded by Pollyanna Johnson in 2019. Masquerading as decorative and seemingly traditional domestic objects, Pollyanna’s ceramic pieces quietly challenge what it is to be female today. Mining women from historical paintings that have inspired her from a young age, she plucks them from the gallery walls crowded with men, away from the male gaze, onto handmade objects, re-contextualising and empowering them. 


Pollyanna was introduced to ceramics by her mother in law, ceramicist Ruth Dupré, who taught her ceramics remotely during the pandemic. Coming from a strong background in painting and drawing, Pollyanna brings this knowledge to ceramics, to create detailed studies, painting directly onto bisque fired clay to create a fresh, Delft inspired take on classical images.


Pollyanna (born in 1993) graduated with a BA from Chelsea College of art and went on to complete a Masters at The Royal Drawing School in 2017.