Clare Dudeney, 'Untitled (Red)' 2020

Clare Dudeney, 'Untitled (Red)' 2020


This beautiful work on paper is by contemporary artist Clare Dudeney. Clare’s work captures the subjective experience of being through relationships of colour and shape. She traces thoughts, memories and emotions to create abstract landscapes. she allows compositions to emerge from spontaneous action. Breaking a sheet of paper apart, painting each piece, and putting it back together, like a puzzle. She focuses on the boundaries between interlocking shapes, directing emphasis on the way the pieces meet and touch. With ripped edges and intricate fixings barely visible beneath the surface. By juxtaposing complex tertiary colours with full chroma (brightness), she examines the relativity of colours and how they can transform each other with harmony and discord.



    Gouache on paper

    40 x 32 cm


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