Emerald Blenkin, 'Midnight Anthus (Pink and Red)' 2020

Emerald Blenkin, 'Midnight Anthus (Pink and Red)' 2020


Graphic designer Emerald Blenkin has expanded her practice into textile printmaking and then framing them in creative and artistic ways. Emerald’s artistic practice takes pride in finding old materials that have been discarded and seeing their potential to be something beautiful again. She is fascinated by the power of colour and contrast that are exemplified in her powerful compositions that she frames. Emerald particularly loves creating space within shapes and finding elegance in simplicity. These passions have grown from her degree at UAL in art direction and further studies in graphic design. In her work she constantly work aims to take the modern capabilities of graphics to bring the old back to life.



    Print on paper

    Edition of 5 (Please note that each print is slightly different)

    9 x 11 inches


Email: domenica@domenicamarland.com

Office: Chestnut Yard Studios, The Cart Shed Sutton Manderville, Wiltshire,


Phone: +44 7584571120

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