These enigmatic photographs of grey hounds that Jasper says 'were born in Italy. Living in Nottinghill' showcase his ability to capture everyday life. The images are abstracted into simple forms. Their bright colour transforms them into unusual images. This emphemerality and movement highlight Jaspar's practice as a film maker, he transforms a still image to be as if it is moving. Moving image is how Jaspar shares his interest in story telling which he has been doing since a child after seeking inspiration in movies and living in Italy.  These images are handcrafted and developed. 

Jasper Cable-Alexander 'Ziggy & Tigger' print, 2018

  • This print can be bought as a pair with the work, priced at £180. They come framed.

    Print Size: 5.9” x 8.3” (150mm x 210mm) 

    Frame Size: 26cm x 21cm (6 x 8 Aperture)

    Hand crafted

    Limited edition print 1/3

    Date: April 2018


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