Joanna Ling, 'Gold Lustre Nest Bowls' 2020

Joanna Ling, 'Gold Lustre Nest Bowls' 2020


Joanna Ling is a London based ceramicist designing and making from her garden studio. In a world of mass production, Joanna feels it important to cherish the singular which is why every piece she creates is unique and handmade. She particularly likes to include elements in her work that reflect something about the person they are for or the setting they will be in. Her designs tend towards minimalism and simplicity and therefore look at home in most interiors. These nest dishes reflect Joanna's interest in simplicity and are decorated with a silver lustre, they are perfect as centerpieces on a table or a stand alone sculpture on a plinth.



    Clay Porcelain 

    14 x 14 cm


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