Large Ceramic Bowl by Cecilia Bicknell

Large Ceramic Bowl by Cecilia Bicknell


Made in Autumn 2018 this bowl has a beautiful green interior that is contrasted by its simple white exterior. It was fired to 1200 degrees and thrown on the wheel, hand dipped with stoneware glaze and metal oxides. It is a beautiful piece to place anywhere around your house, perfect in sunlight to catch its shimmering effects. Cecilia has been potting since her school days, where she was often found meddling with kilns and clay into the small hours. These days she works full time out of a studio in Bellenden Road, Peckham, endlessly experimenting with colour and texture. Influenced by an eclectic combination of paysanne French and Italian mid century ceramics to larger sculptural pieces, her work strives to be both practice and decorative; highly useable but also with a delicacy befitting a handmade, bespoke piece of ceramic art. All pieces are available to order, and commissions are welcome with a wait time of 6-8 weeks.


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  • Commissions and Bespoke Pieces

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