'Another Night' by Maddie Yuille is a original painting on paper that explores the artist's interest in mundane scenery. The work depicts a window scene that reflects a street light reflection on the window pane. The contrast of artificial light with the outside natural evening sky light and the tree creates a contemplation of nature vs man made. Yuille has used a cool palette of blues that is also highly contrasted by the bright yellow of the light that also reflects onto the wall. The warm tones of the inside contrast and meld with the cool blues outside, suggesting the comfort of an interior world as the viewer looks out upon the cool night. Layers of translucent paint are used so that the light appears to hover in the window.The artist uses abstract forms to delineate the scene, yet all these shapes cohesively create a simple formation that is immediately recognisable.

Maddie Yuille, 'Another Night' 2020

  • 2020

    Acrylic on paper




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