Maddie Yuille, 'Deep Garden II' 2020

Maddie Yuille, 'Deep Garden II' 2020


Deep Garden is a series of works on paper in which layers of translucent colour are built up to create a shifting, indeterminate world. A solitary chair sits in the foreground; it’s emptiness implies both presence and absence – the sitter suggested but never seen.


A deep layering of vegetation is punctured by points of light where the white of the paper beneath sits untouched. These chinks suggest other, not quite attainable, human life beyond this private wrapping of isolation. The strangeness of dusk is present, a time of day that holds a sense of possibility, as darkness begins to falls and shapes lose their clarity.


Made since entering lockdown, the series is a study of the artist’s own back garden. Repetition of the same scene suggests a repeated viewing, as days and days accumulate. A slow looking of this one space takes place, and through the act of painting the artist creates a space for the contemplation of absence and solitude.





    Acrylic on paper

    27.8 x 20.2 cm(A4) 



    Works may be delivered by person if in London or the Dorset/Wiltshire area. If outside shipping costs will be calculated after check out.


    Products may not be returned once delivered, however a time may be allocated to come and view the work.

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