Maddie Yuille, 'Driftless Area I' 2020

Maddie Yuille, 'Driftless Area I' 2020


This captivating work by artist Maddie Yuille is a print version of a larger original work made by the artist in 2020. More figurative than Yuille's other work presented with Domenica Marland, the work depicts a simple and unknown bedroom scene. The solitary closed curtain and bed next to it imply an emptiness and absence of human interaction. Painted with translucent layers of pink and green, the room is suffused with a soft pink light, punctuated by a strip of pure white light from the world outside, a world that is implied but never seen. This place of solitude has been made even more otherworldly through the abstract colours the artist uses. Through a palette of pinks, red and purple she defines a space through imagined colours that are dictated through the careful study of how the light is configured in the room. Examining light is a feature that recurs in Yuille's practice, that she explores in various ways.


The small work is a eye catching and colourful piece to place on any wall in any room.




    Edition of 20

    Giclee print on hanhnemuhle german etching paper,

    50 x 40 cm

    Option to be framed in a contemporary white frame


    Shipping works by contemporary artist are sent directly from the artist to the buyer and costed at a flat rate at checkout.


    Products may not be returned once delivered.

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