'The Leaves Move' is a print version of a larger work by Maddie Yuille. The work emphasises the artists more figuretive style, different to her more abstract works presented on Domenica Marland. The work depicts a window that looks out onto a large tree with the interior light reflecting on the window pane. A sparse landscape beyond is depicted, giving the viewer few clues as to where they are. Dusk is settling in to night so that the cool blue tones of the outside world contrast with the warm glow of the inside.The contrast of artifical light with the outside natural evening sky light and the tree creates a contemplation of nature vs man made. Yuille has used a cool palette of blues that is also highly contrasted by the bright yellow of the light. The absence of a human is noticable with the vaccant interior view looking out to the world. The small work is a eye catching and colourful piece to place on any wall in any room.

Maddie Yuille, 'The Leaves Move' 2020

  • 2020

    Edition of 20

    Giclee print on hanhnemuhle german etching paper

     50 x 40 cm


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