Polly Bennett, 'Soil Layers IV' 2020

Polly Bennett, 'Soil Layers IV' 2020


"By feeling and using the earth beneath my feet on a daily basis, I am alleviating the disconnect between myself and the natural environment. My aim is to encourage others to do the same, by showcasing what the Earth is built of and subsequently yields."


Inspired by the fieldwork test ‘soil layers/horizons’ contemporary artist Polly Bennett has  visualised local soil layers with the pigments and inks she has collected and made. 


Her Soil Layers series show directly the layers of soil from individual samples, and use different methods of application; homemade ink, rubbed dry pigment, watercolour, and rubbed wet soil, to show the different qualities of the pigments.


"A nod to the abundant colours found on the, supposedly brown, Thames foreshore, my circular colour swatch pieces use colours sourced from industrial waste, mineral, brick, glass, coal and bone."




    Collected Pigment, handmade ink and gum arabic

    44 x 33 cm


    Signed by the artist

Email: domenica@domenicamarland.com

Office: Chestnut Yard Studios, The Cart Shed Sutton Manderville, Wiltshire,


Phone: +44 7584571120

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