Sophie Siem, Shhh, collage on paper, 2019

Sophie Siem, Shhh, collage on paper, 2019


'Shhh' is an original handmade collage by Sophie Siem made in 2019. This work is one of the artists most recent collages. Such a work is a perfect stand alone piece by a bedside table or hanging amongst a collection of works. Each of Sophie's collages work hanging together in a group or alone. Although it is simple in design, the artists attention to detail is explicit with the cut out images rendering a poetic and sensitive work. Sophie's daily collage practice has allowed her to develop an aesthetic that is personal, playful and practical. she enjoys the challenge of using whatever visual stimuli is available (magazines, newspapers, tickets…) to create an image that can pose visual or literal questions to the viewer. Her ongoing work in film pushes herself to strip an image or a narrative to its most essential form. This desire to simplify drives the collage making: sophie is equally interested in the empty spaces that hold their visual worlds as the cutout images and words that compose them. 



    Collage on Paper

    31 x 36 cm



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