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Originally from North Yorkshire, Sasha is a British contemporary artist currently based in Amsterdam. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and the wonders of life. Her mixed-media artwork is colourful, feminine and expressive. Sasha’s work has a positive lens on life, focusing on imperfections and embracing individual character.


"In today's world, there is so much pressure to be perfect; growing up I often looked at my body and saw what was wrong instead of seeing what was right. My work is about confidence, reassurance and embracing the differences. I use unpredictable creative methods, such as lino printing or watercolours. These materials seem to have a life of their own which I love. It’s all about those imperfections that give an artwork its own character, as if each piece has its own personality." 


As well as being inspired by nature, another focal point of Sasha's is connecting old and new: classical themes in contemporary forms. Sasha has always been an admirer of beautiful architecture and whilst travelling around Italy, her interest in Renaissance art came into full bloom. These themes are also present in her work but with a modern twist.


Sasha went to Central St. Martins, specialising in Illustration and then Chelsea College of Art for a degree in Graphic Design. She has worked in various areas of the creative industry for 6 years as a Designer. Her artwork is handmade from her home studio with love.

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